Asynchronous team communication

Get back your productivity and focus. Respond on your own time, from anywhere, in full thoughts, keeping full history of decisions.
Async is bliss.

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Over 3000 companies communicate asynchronously on Tipi

We’ve become too distracted by chats, notifications and interruptions. Having to always be online and responding to whatever comes your way does not allow you to focus on actual work.

Asynchronous communication is the
calmer, more productive alternative.

  • Synchronous is chats pinging you to respond now, with whatever you can think of at the moment.
  • Synchronous is a mess of contexts and random distractions, all happening in the same channel.
  • Synchronous is someone coming over to your desk to talk, interrupting whatever you were doing.
  • Synchronous is “everything is on fire” management where you need to respond instantly.
  • Synchronous is meetings and having to take notes just to remember what was decided.
  • Asynchronous is responding on your own time, having time to think.
  • Asynchronous is content organized by folders and topics, separating funny gifs and meeting minutes.
  • Asynchronous is working out of office and being just as productive.
  • Asynchronous is maker-friendly environment, giving space to focus and to dig deeper into solutions.
  • Asynchronous is writing things down, always being able to find and refer to it later.
“Asynchronous communication means I can take a step out for lunch and catch up on transcripts when I get back. Asynchronous communication means I can ask my coworker a question in-chat and not worry about bothering her since she’ll get back to me when she’s available. Asynchronous communication means I can go to rural Minnesota and feel like I’m working from the office like normal.”
Zach Holman

One of the first engineers at GitHub

How Tipi works

Create Folders

Create folders for your teams and projects to organize discussions. Folders can be either public or private. Tipi doesn’t have noisy channels, instead posts are organized into a meaningful structure.

Write Posts

Use Posts to make announcements, share ideas and decisions, start discussions, open issues or even organize asynchronous meetings. It’s a flexible format that encourages thoughtful contributions.

Follow for Updates

Get notifications about folders and posts that are relevant to you by following and unfollowing. Everything new goes to Unreads, an inbox that is sorted by priority, not date. It allows you to at a glance see which things most need your attention.

Respond in full thoughts

Asynchronous communication means you can take your time to think through your response without fear that an important idea will scroll by in a group chat.

Structured discussions, meaningful responses.

Unlike group messaging apps, Tipi has Folders and Posts. Discussions are focused on one topic, with nothing distracting or irrelevant, as is common in chats. It allows everyone to respond on their own time, fully expressing meaningful thoughts.

Focus on your work, come back to catch up.

Build long uninterrupted stretches of focused work. Tipi collects anything new in Unreads, an inbox sorted by priority that keeps most important things at the top. And if anything is not relevant, you can unfollow or snooze for later.

Create knowledge, not meetings.

Meetings mean that you have take notes just to remember what was said or decided. When all communication is asynchronous, discussions and decisions are easy to find later, for anyone: you, your team members, or new joiners.

Wherever you want it

Tipi is accessible as a web, desktop and mobile app. You can get notifications about everything you care about to stay informed on the go, or just reply to Tipi emails to quickly contribute to ongoing discussion.



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  • 1GB for your team file storage

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