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Tipi is where modern teams organize and share their ideas, files, and learnings.
Build a new home for your team's knowledge.

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Teams get more done when individual knowledge is easily available at everyone’s fingertips.

Tipi lets you organize scattered knowledge, making it accessible, searchable and kept up to date.

Enjoy writing things down and sharing knowledge

Instead of keeping information in personal silos, have everyone bring it to one place. Knowledge shared is knowledge not lost. Keep it accessible when a team member leaves, somebody else is looking for it or a new joiner is learning about how decisions came about.

Create a knowledge structure that is meaningful for your team

Teams structure their work differently and we made it easy to build Tipi the way you need it. Group information by teams, projects or categories, keeping private what should stay in smaller circles. Clear structure will help your teammates find what they are looking for, instantly.

Have everything in one place

Whether it’s notes, files, meeting minutes, how-to’s or to-do’s, decisions or announcements, Tipi can be one place for everything related to the work you do. Don’t waste time by hunting for something across a myriad of tools. Tipi organizes and makes everything searchable.

Stay informed on changes that matter to you

With new decisions happening every day, it might be challenging for everyone to stay on the same page. By allowing you to follow folders and notes we make sure you can achieve a perfect balance between staying informed and focusing on your work.

Get the feedback you need to move work forward

Mention your teammates, see if they have read what you shared and comment on their notes to collaborate and get a lot more done, faster. Tipi even has chat integrated right alongside notes that lets you discuss and work out anything instantly.

Inspire and motivate your team

Sharing knowledge allows new ideas to be born. Open sharing of these ideas allow other team members express support with likes and comments, keeping ideas alive and your everyone more motivated.

Your entire team knowledge, anywhere you need it

Tipi is accessible as a web, desktop and mobile app. You can get notifications about everything you care about to stay informed on the go, or just reply to Tipi emails to quickly contribute to ongoing discussion.


For now Tipi is entirely free. No pricing per user. No fixed fees. No hidden costs.